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Winery Tour in Tuscany

During our recent tour of Tuscany we had the chance to experience a winery guided tour. Tuscany is known as one of the most famous regions of Italy for the production of wine and oil.

The tour gave us the possibility to discover – and actually be involved into – the processes of the production of the wine and the oil. At first, we were able to understand the origins of the Chianti Classico and its main areas of production. After that, a more practical visit of the spaces of the “villa”, the so-called small-medium company wine producer, and the processes of the production itself has been shown us.

In the map you can find where the “villa” is located.

After the guided tour we tasted the wines (three wine tasting) and the oil produced by the “villa”, together with the specialities of Tuscany, such as the meat and the pecorino cheese.

Quick guide to Tuscany and wine yards

How to reach the place: with the car it is about 40 minutes drive from Florence.

Food: the “villa” offers you the possibility to taste its products together with some specialties of Tuscany. It is possible to book a table at the restaurant located inside the “villa”.

Landscape: this is the right place where you can enjoy the typical landscape of Tuscany, with its green and breathtaking hills.

Below you can find some pictures we have collected from the experience in the wine yard.

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