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A visit to the New York Stock Exchange


Today we want to talk about our visit at the New York Stock Exchange, and in particular, at most famous statue in New York City: the Charging Bull (or Wall Street Bull). We consider the statue as a must-to-see, so do not forget to have a look at it during your trip to New York!

The Charging Bull is the symbol of the whole city and, in particular, of the New York Stock Exchange. The statue was created by the Italian artist Arturo di Modica. The artist decided to put his creation in the middle of the Bowling Green Park (New York Stock Exchange area), during the night without asking for any permission. The statue has never been removed from there, and it has become during the years a symbol of the city itself. The Charging Bull represents the strength and the willingness of the American citizens, who were able to raised again after the financial crisis of 1987.

The statue also represents lucky, especially for people that invest in the stock exchange. By touching the statue, people should get luckier in their investments…of course, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to touch it!

Have a look at our pictures at the New York Stock Exchange!

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  1. ReplyLilian @ Lil' Hidden Treasures
    Thanks for you tidbit on "The Charging Bull". Now I know why when there is a boom in the economy they call it a "Bull". Is there a statue of a bear as well? If there was, I'm sure no one will want touch that statue!