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Views of New York City from One World Observatory Center


As probably many of you have noticed, we love New York! So, it is time to go back to our trip to New York City and talk about the Views of New York City from One World Observatory Center.

The One World Observatory (or Freedom Tower) is in Lower Manhattan, where once the Twin Tower were located. Here is the map:

It is the sixth-tallest skyscraper in the world and the first in New York: its height is over 541 meters (1776 feet), with 104 floors. Its height is intended to symbolize the year 1776, when the United States Declaration of Independence was signed.

You can reach the top of the skyscraper in less than 60 seconds with a special elevator that, through LED lights, immerse you in a virtual environment.

After a video experience, you can have a first – and quick – view of the city from the top. The moment is really spectacular!

You can then have a full experience of the skyline of New York, by walking around the Observatory at the 100th floor. You will have the opportunity to see the whole city, from Manhattan to Brooklyn.

Here you can book the tickets for your experience at One World Observatory Center.

Have a look at our gallery!


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Comments ( 21 )

  1. ReplyAshley
    I have never been to NY but I hope to some day. I will have to add this to the list of places to visit!
  2. ReplyAlisha
    Breathtaking! I will have to check this out one day when I return to New York!
  3. ReplyLilian @ Lil' Hidden Treasures
    WOW! What amazing views! I plan on taking a family vacation trip to NY one day and just by the views seen in your photos, I will have to take them to the Observatory Center.
  4. ReplyDiane
    Beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them!
  5. ReplyJust One Mommy's Opinion
    I would love to visit New York someday. It's on my bucket list! Looks so beautiful..
  6. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    I'm sure it was an amazing view! I've always wanted to go there and be able to look out - but also to remember the lost.
  7. ReplyRichard Bivins
    I'm heading there to visit friends in a few weeks and the observatory is def on my list of things to do.
  8. Replycolleen wool
    new York looks awesome. i want to visit.
  9. Replykatrinajeancarter
    Beautiful. I love the shots! I can't wait to see it in person. NY is in my bucketlist :)
  10. ReplyDavid Elliott
    If I ever get the chance to go back to New York I will definitely take a look at the center. My one trip out there I did get to go to the Twin Towers. I am sad they are no longer there.
  11. ReplyG&D Blog
    Oh wow! You got a good view of that city! Love those photos, great shots!
  12. ReplyFrancesca Price
    Wow! Awesome views!! ❤️
  13. ReplyRuth I.
    The pictures are so beautiful! I am not sure if I could visit New York in the future, I hope so!
  14. ReplyAdriana Gil
    I've never been in NY before, but I would love to go there. It's so beautiful! xoxo
  15. ReplyElizabeth O.
    This is a lovely view of NYC from the top! I love the pictures that you shared in your gallery. It's really one of the best ways to see the city!
  16. ReplyErin
    Oh wow! The views from One World are AMAZING! I've only seen NYC from the top of the Empire State Building - well, the observation deck that is (and was pretty amazing too!) I could see One World from there and the Statue of Liberty! One of the best photographs I've ever taken was of NYC!
  17. ReplyBennymakachi
    This views are awesome. New York is on my top five bucket list of places to travel. Love the photography too.
  18. ReplyPeachy @ The Peach Kitchen
    The views are fantastic. I hope I can see it in person someday.
  19. ReplyPaula Stewart
    Although I was born in upstate NY, I have never been to NYC. I would one day love to visit the observatory and see NYC from there.
  20. ReplyFilipino Recipes by Ed Joven
    New York City is on my bucket list, I want to visit this place someday.
  21. ReplyAuthortybr
    New York City should be in the bucket list of everyone! It is unique! The view from the One World Observatory Center was amazing and we thought that the best time to see New York from the top was the sunset time. In this way, we were able to admire the beauty of the city that never sleeps. We are waiting for your opinions about your experience at the One World Observatory Center!