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Up to the North – Scandinavia

It is time to tell you about our amazing trip Up to the North in the Scandinavian peninsula, ancient land of the Vikings.

The map below shows you the main stops of our trip.

Our trip starts from Umeå, one of the biggest city in the north of Sweden, mostly known for its innovative university.

Our first stop is Kiruna. The roads to get there are typical of the Scandinavian landscapes: it is not difficult to find reindeers and elks that go along the road with you! Do not forget to visit the ice hotel.

Second stop is Abisko, the perfect place to see the Aurora Borealis… of course we have to be lucky, because Aurora not always wants to show us its magic!

It is now time to move to Norway, in particular to Narvik. By going up to the mountain we can see the beauty of the union between see and mountain that only a fjord can give. The view in the night with the lights if the city is even more breathtaking!

Then we move to the Lofoten Islands. Going by car offers you the chance to see the continously changing landscape around you: mountains, see, lakes, hills, …

Last stop is Tromsø, city known for the thousands of wood-houses and for its fjord, directly connected to the Norwegian see.


Quick guide to the European North

Airport: we landed in Umeå with a flight from Stockholm (about 1 hour flight)

Transportation: we moved by car from Umeå – it is the best way not to loose any pecularities of the landscapes

Accomodation: we booked small wood houses immersed in the nature. You can find the links here: Abisko, Narvik, Tromso

Food: salmon in the places close to the see and elk/reindeer


See the gallery to know more about the European North

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