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The Tree of Life – Congo

During our adventure in Congo we had the opportunity to see the tree of life.

The majestic baobab tree is also called the tree of life. First of all because it’s a prehistoric tree that can live more than 5000 years. Secondly for its dimension: it is really impressive! Last thing, baobab can provide shelter, food and water for animals and humans living nearby.

In the gallery you can see how magnificent baobabs are!

Quick guide to Baobab

Airport: we landed in Pointe Noire Airport

Hotel: we stayed at Atlantic Palace Hotel, Pointe Noire

Baobab: we reached the baobabs by car. In the gallery there are baobabs located near Loango (40 minutes driving from Pointe Noire) and l’Arbre de Brazza, located near Dolisie (almost 3 hours driving from Pointe Noire)


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