A Taste of Belgian Chocolate – Bruxelles

Bruxelles is mostly famous for being the capital city of the European Union and for its important monuments and museums. But, the thing we mostly like about Bruxelles is that it is the city of chocolate. Visiting Bruxelles means visiting the “heaven” for the chocolate-lovers!

So today is time to tell you about our chocolate tours in Bruxelles.

By walking in Bruxelles you will realize how the chocolate represents a true symbol of the country and the city itself. All around you will find patisserie and chocolaterie, where true maitre-chocolatier will show you how they actually make chocolate candies. Sometimes, if you are lucky, they will also tell you some of their secret recipes.

We experienced a quick chocolate tour during our visit of the city. If you have not too much time to spend there, we suggest you to join the show of some maitre-chocolatier here. Otherwise, you can book for a real tour, like the Brussels Chocolate Walking Tour and Workshop. In this case, you will be able to make your own chocolate candy.

If you want to bring some presents home do not miss a visit to the Chocolate Village..there you can find all types of Belgian candies.

Have a look at our gallery!

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Comments ( 6 )

  1. ReplyMichelle
    Those chocolates look amazing
  2. ReplyAshvin Nankoo
    Wait! You are telling me there is a chocolate village in Belgium? I must go there!! These chocolates are amazing and look so tasty. I must have them. Your pictures of the chocolates are very beautifully taken. Great post. Flight booked. Thank you!
  3. ReplyJessica Harlow
    Chocolate and Belgium are the quintessential combination! I'm positive the chocolate is absolutely to die for and I just love how the chocolate covered strawberries are displayed in flower bouquet sleeves! They look amazing!
  4. ReplyChloe
    Anything with chocolate sounds perfect to me! I would love to check out the chocolate village as well!
  5. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    This looks like a wonderful to place to visit and explore with my kids! My girls both LOVE chocolate - and they got it from their mama.
  6. ReplyAuthortybr
    We are happy you share with us our passion for the chocolate. Everyone that loves chocolate should visit Bruxelles and Belgium! Belgian chocolate looks great but we ensure you that the taste is even better!