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Chocolate School in Perugia

This is the perfect place for the chocolate lovers…this is the chocolate school of Perugina, located in Perugia, in the center of Italy. The school is within the Perugina chocolate factory..you can smell chocolate perfume everywhere there, all the time!

Posted by tybr

A Taste of Belgian Chocolate – Bruxelles

Bruxelles is mostly famous for being the capital city of the European Union and for its important monuments and museums. But, the thing we mostly like about Bruxelles is that it is the city of chocolate. Visiting Bruxelles means visiting the “heaven” for the chocolate-lovers!

Posted by tybr

Chocolate Cake – Kladdkaka

The last post “Finally the Snow” reminded us the Nordic countries, especially Sweden and Norway, were we had the chance to live for almost one year. And what does Sweden remind us? The chocolate cake, the so-called kladdkaka.

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