The Glacier Cruise – Exploring Svalbard

glacier cruise in svalbard islands, norway

Going north, north, and further north, ready to sail on a glacier cruise in Svalbard Islands!

The Svalbard Islands are located in the Arctic Ocean, on the way to the North Pole. At 78° north, arctic nature, everlasting glaciers, and pure wilderness, make the Svalbard Islands a unique place on earth. Here is the realm of polar bears, whales, seals, and thousands of arctic birds.

It’s not difficult to imagine that is freezing cold there throughout the whole year… so we just dressed up accordingly!

Floating suites for cruise in Svalbard Islands

Wool clothes and floating suit, we are ready to sail in the arctic! 🙂

With a high speed rib boat, we sailed towards the mighty Tuna and Von Post glacier.

But along the way, there where many amazing spots to discover! We stopped for a while at Diabas, a teeming bird cliff. Thousands of arctic birds live on the cliff and dive into the sea to catch fish all around you. You really feel in the centre of arctic wildlife there!

Then we went alongside Sassenfjord heading towards the glacier. We cruised between the icebergs while approaching Von Post glacier. The sound of glacier ice melting in the sea is a continuous popping, never heard something like this!

If you want to have this experience, just book here your glacier cruise! After having a look at our gallery, of course!

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