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Sunset on the Ocean – Africa

One of the best experience we lived, an amazing sunset on the ocean in Africa.

We were having a walk on the shore of Pointe Noire in Congo. While walking, we could hear the sound of the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The sun was slowly setting down, creating wonderful colours around us. Looking towards the beach we could see a myriad of small crabs appearing from the ocean according to the rhythm of the waves. It was an outstanding natural beauty!

We catched the moment in this video to share with you this exceptional moment. We hope you can enjoy it!

Quick guide to Congo

Airport: we landed in Pointe Noire Airport

Hotel: we stayed at Atlantic Palace Hotel, Pointe Noire

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Comments ( 13 )

  1. ReplyMari Jones
    I agree, the is nothing like a sunset from the beach!
  2. ReplyYolanda
    That was beautiful! Thank you! I have a similar video but it's on Maui. We used to collect sea glass. Fun and good exercise. Did you find any sea glass?
  3. ReplyFrancesca Price
    Thank you! I love going to the beach to listen to the sound of the waves and watch the sun set ❤️ It is definitely a place that allows me to speak to God more clearly.
  4. ReplyRuth
    I'd love to visit Congo. It sounds fabulous.
  5. ReplyAndrea
    Beautiful! The sound of the ocean is so soothing.
  6. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    I grew up in Florida in the USA, but I have lived in East Tennessee for about 15 years. I haven't been to the beach in probably a decade ... your video made me totally homesick.
  7. ReplyJosselyn Radillo
    there's nothing like a sunset on the beach ant peace that it brings, is so relaxing and you can let your mind wander and think about impossibilities and how can you make them happen
  8. ReplyWanderlust Vegans
    What an amazing sunset. Sunsets in themselves are great. Through in a beach and it is just breath taking.
  9. ReplyCrystal Gard
    That is so beautiful. I love sunsets in general but this one is amazing.
  10. ReplyDaisy
    When I walk along the beach, I feel so relaxed. Love to see the sunset, too.
  11. Replystacey
    I love sunsets too. I have som that are so memorable, I didn't take a picture. Instead I just kept it in my mind's eye.
  12. ReplyBlackellis
    I never knew Congo can be so beautiful. You were lucky to be able to experience that
  13. ReplyAuthortybr
    Thanks a lot for your comments! We love sunsets as well, and this one was really special!