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Snow Memories – Splügen Pass

It’s winter time, so we want to talk about snow!

In the Alps this year we are still waiting for the snow… we really miss it! We want to show you some pictures we took few years ago. It was May and the Splügen Pass had just reopened after the winter. The  Splügen Pass is a high mountain pass (more than 2000 metres above the sea level) that connects Switzerland and Italy.

There was a lot of snow… The snow was even much higher than us! Take a look at the gallery to see these snow memories.

Quick guide to the Splügen Pass

Transport: you can reach the Splügen Pass by car from Milan (about 2,5 hours) or taking a bus from Chiavenna (about 2 hours)

Snack: delicious panna cotta at Sennerei Splügen



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