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Salerno on the Road

Hi everyone! Today we’ll have a stop in Salerno!

Salerno is a city in the South-East of Italy, in Campania region. It is located on the Tyrrhenian Sea on an amazing gulf named after the city.

Salerno is at the center of three well known historical and beautiful places: Pompei, Paestum, and Positano. For this reason it is also called the “Center of the three P”.

In Salerno you can walk along the Trieste Seafront Promenade, one of the best in Italy.

Quick guide to Salerno

Airport: you can take a flight to Naples and then reach Salerno by car in less than an hour. During the road trip, you will enjoy amazing view of Vesuvio

Food: we had lunch at Botteghelle 65, where you can try typical cheese, cured meats, and wine

In the gallery you can have a look at the amazing view of the Tyrrhenian sea from Salerno, even during winter time.

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