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Safari at Kruger National Park – South Africa

Safari at Kruger National Park, South Africa

Hello friends, guess who we met during our safari at Kruger National Park in South Africa?

During our african adventures we took the chance to visit the Kruger National Park as explorers did in the past. We had a safari there, and we could see the pure African wildlife!

Here in the video one of the most amazing moments of our safari. How majestic animals are the elephants!


Not only elephants we met, but many other inhabitants of the savannah… Do you remember our story of gyraffes and hyppo having fun??

We planned our safari at Kruger Park on our own, as always 🙂 Here you can find the safari that Kruger Park offers.

Keep travelling with us, many other adventures are waiting!

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  1. ReplyHey Sharonoox
    Thanks for sharing this awesome video! I would love to see an elephant up close and see it roaming in the wild savannah. Elephant is such a cool animal!
  2. Replystacey
    Elephants are one of my favorite animals. I have statues, pictures and references to elephants all over my home. They are majestic and ancient and it breaks my heart that they are in danger.
  3. ReplyBlair villanueva
    I wish to experience a safari tour! But for now, i will be happy having safari toys at home.