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The Penguin Paradise – South Africa

Penguin paradise in South Africa nearby Simon's Town

Hi everybody, today we will go in the penguin paradise in South Africa! Are you ready to meet these funny and cute animals?

Some days after our adventure up to Table Mountain in Cape Town, we decided to explore the surroundings of this amazing city. We drove south for about 45 minutes until reaching Simon’s Town. Simon’s Town is a city located in Cape Peninsula on the Shores of False Bay.

The most famous attraction of Simon’s Town is Boulders Beach. Here there’s the penguin paradise! In 1985 a colony of penguin decided to settle in this wonderful beach. The penguins are used to sunbath on the white sandy beaches and plunge in the shallow clear water.

This is for sure a penguin paradise!

There was also a lonely penguin in the beach… I tried to have a chat with him but he was not so interested in it! 😉

Have a look at the gallery to see this amazing penguin paradise!

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. Replyteri
    How cool! What great sight you get to see! I only see penguins in the zoo. :)
  2. ReplyKathy
    Just love this!! Love penguins and refreshed by such an interesting blog and images! What a treat!