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The Penguin Paradise – South Africa

Penguin paradise in South Africa nearby Simon's Town

Hi everybody, today we will go in the penguin paradise in South Africa! Are you ready to meet these funny and cute animals?

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Chocolate School in Perugia

This is the perfect place for the chocolate lovers…this is the chocolate school of Perugina, located in Perugia, in the center of Italy. The school is within the Perugina chocolate can smell chocolate perfume everywhere there, all the time!

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A visit to the New York Stock Exchange

Today we want to talk about our visit at the New York Stock Exchange, and in particular, at most famous statue in New York City: the Charging Bull (or Wall Street Bull). We consider the statue as a must-to-see, so do not forget to have a look at it during your trip to New York!

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Lost in the Artic – Finnmark Adventure

Lost in the Artic Finnmark Adventure

Hi everyone! We have some news to tell you about, Sara has moved to… Guess where!

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