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A Look from the God’s Window – South Africa

Hi everyone! Today we are in Africa, in Mpumalanga region, to have a look directly from the God’s window.

Mpumalanga is a region in the North-East side of South Africa. Here, just next to the Kruger National Park, there’s the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve.

The Blyde River Canyon is one of the largest canyons on Earth. The canyon is filled with lush vegetation and amazing viewpoint. One of these is called the God’s Window and it is not difficult to understand why: from here you can have an incredible view of the whole southern canyon. Here the sheer cliffs 700 metres high surrounds the landscape and you feel like you are dominating the whole world behind you! Only ten minutes driving from the God’s window, you can find the Lisbon Falls. The Lisbon Falls are the highest water falls in South Africa. Here below you can see the water falling down!


To enjoy all these African incredible beauties, you can drive along the Panorama Route through Mpumalanga region. Look at the gallery to drive along the Panorama Route with us!

Quick guide to Panorama Route

Airport: we landed in Skukuza Airport, with a flight from Johannesburg

Accomodation: we stayed at Skukuza Rest Camp

Panorama Route: we enjoyed the amazing view by car






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