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London by Night from the London Eye

Hi guys, it is some days that we are thinking of sharing with you some adventures of our trip to London. So today we want to talk about our experience at the London Eye.

The London Eye (or Millennium Wheel) is a Ferris wheel – typical symbol of the city – located in the south area of the River Thames. The structure opened at the end of 1999 and today it has become one of the most important attraction of London. With its 135 m height and 120 m diameter, it is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe.

Quick guide to the London Eye

Tickets: you can buy the tickets directly there or you can book them here

Opening hours: the Ferris wheel’s opening time is variable according to the period of the year. You can check it here

How to reach it: the closest tube stations are Waterloo, Embankment, Charing Cross, and Westminster.

We decided to go to the London Eye in the evening, so that we were able to have a look at the entire city with the night-lights. After the experience, we realized that we actually chose the best time! Have a look at our gallery!

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Comments ( 29 )

  1. ReplyJessica
    I lived in the UK for a little over 4 years and I tried to get out to London when I could. It was about a 20 minute drive or so to the tube station and an hour ride in. I never got to experience riding the Eye though I did venture all around the center of the city there. It's so beautiful during the winter holidays too!
  2. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    The London Eye is one of my bucket list items! Thanks for the tip about making sure I see it at night - I'm taking a note now to ride the eye twice!
  3. ReplyChloe Ranford
    I went on the London Eye when I was over in London recently, and we went smack-bang in the middle of the day. It was ridiculous - the line was huge and it was so hot out! If I go again, I will definitely go at night. It sounds STUNNING, plus it'd be nice and chilly.
  4. ReplyBecki Svare
    We weren't able to go on the London Eye when we were in London. I would love to go back and try it. Your pictures are fabulous!
  5. ReplyAnastasia Blogger
    When I visited London with my mom, we bought the tickets in advance to avoid the lines, and we still had to stay in a line for about 40 min (it was some "shorter" line for those who bought tickets in advance). The view was amazing at the day time, but I think would be great to see London in the night too!
  6. ReplyMUD By Shaun
    It is a dream to visit London and see the theatre scene. When I do visit, I will be looking out for a good guide. Can you suggest one?
    • ReplyAuthortybr
      Hi! We really like National Geographic guides. Here you can find the online store:
  7. ReplyNatalie
    Would love to visit London some day! It was just announced this week that Montreal (my city) will be getting its very own "London Eye" this coming June - they are currently constructing the ferris wheel at the Old Port!
  8. ReplyDavid Elliott
    Your photos are incredible. I was in London for a month several years back and I did love the city. It's too bad I didn't make it to the eye though.
  9. ReplyGlenda
    London Eye looks like a fun place to visit. I don't know if I can do really high Ferris wheel bc I'm afraid of heights.
  10. ReplyJessica Taylor
    Beautiful photos! London is breathtaking at night!
  11. ReplyElizabeth O.
    Wow! It is so worth it to visit this beautiful place! London has always been one of the best cities to go to especially if you're touring Europe! Great photos!
  12. Replyrobin rue
    I have always wanted to go to London! The London Eye is a landmark.
  13. ReplyAmber Myers
    I've always wanted to go on this. It looks awesome. I love these photos!
  14. ReplyPeachy @ The Peach Kitchen
    London is one of the places in my bucket list and of course, riding the London Eye!
  15. ReplyMihaela Echols
    This is so cool! I would be so scared to ride it. I love the bucket list idea!
  16. ReplySondra Barker
    London is on my list of places to visit! I would love to be on the London Eye in the night time with all the beautiful lights.
  17. ReplyBel
    If I ever get to London, I'm definitely doing this. ALthough I feel like I would be scared
  18. ReplyNay
    I've wanted to go on the London Eye for ages but hadn't got around to it. Your post has inspired me to look into booking a trip!
  19. ReplyAna De- Jesus
    The London Eye does look rather beautiful at night I agree. I have only been on during the day but I bet it would be more fun at night x
  20. ReplySandra crespo
    Wow this looks stunning! In Orlando we had the Orlando eye placed here not too long ago and I didn't realize there was one in London. I can't wait to travel abroad and check it out!
  21. ReplyHannah Marie
    Oh my, I'm in love with the view! You took really great photos and I want to go there. It's so romantic :)
  22. ReplyLeo T. Ly
    I have been a a farris wheel only a couple of times, not never been on one of that size. I would love to go on this one if I ever visit London.
  23. ReplyJacky
    Oh, London! Who doesn't wanna go there? I know I do! One day, I know I will, and will ride that beautiful London Eye!
  24. ReplyMegan
    I want to go to London! The London Eye is so iconic, I think I would also try it at night!
  25. ReplyWanderlust Vegans
    We have been on the London Eye a few times, but never at night. We have been on the emirates line at night and the view was amazing.
  26. Replystacey
    I hard they make it into a hotel at night, which is cool... until you need to go to the bathroom. lol
  27. ReplyG&D Blog
    London is on our bucket list. I remember we're talking about this the other day. Seeing this recognizable London Eye is really an achievement that we wanna make.
  28. ReplyLouisa
    Would be a lovely sight to see. I'm terrified of heights but I wouldn't be able to resist riding it.