Jakarta Rooftop Dinner

Tonight we will have dinner in a Jakarta rooftop restaurant!

One of the most amazing way to admire the metropolitan cities is from their rooftops. What about having dinner in a rooftop restaurant? Simply stunning!

When we were in Jakarta, we decided to have dinner at Skye Bar & Restaurant. Located at the 56th floor of BCA Tower, on its rooftop, it is an iconic landmark of Jakarta.

In the map is shown Skye Bar & Restaurant location, in the centre of Jakarta.


At the restaurant you can enjoy Asian cuisine contaminated by hispanic influences. After dinner, you can have a drink in the outdoor bar. Here, the panoramic view of the city skyline is incredible. Furthermore, a pool is just in the rooftop bar!

Have a look at the gallery here below!


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Comments ( 10 )

  1. ReplyBorei Design
    This looks like lots of fun. I've never been to Indonesia but I would definitely like to go!
  2. ReplySarah-Louise Bailey
    Oh! I already experienced dinner at the hotel rooftop and I was so afraid because I have a fear of heights. But all the fear that I have was replaced by astonishment, I didn't realize how much beautiful upstairs. I just didn't look down, never. lol
  3. ReplyErin
    I've never had a rooftop dinner, this would be such a good idea for a romantic date night with the hubs! I bet the views are even more stunning in person!
  4. ReplyWanderlust Vegans
    Oh my, this looks like a lovely place for dinner! I love to look out onto a great city view.
  5. ReplyAnna nuttall
    Oh this look like a lovely place for dinner. So romantic. xx
  6. ReplySamahria Richie
    This place looks like a nice date night spot. Or hanging with the girls. I love the pool and city view.
  7. ReplyKrysten
    That sounds like so much fun! I don't think that I would like having dinner that far up, I would feel sick. (I am terrified of heights.)
  8. ReplyElizabeth O.
    That's awesome! A dinner on the rooftop would be amazing, especially since the view is going to be lovelier than usual. I think it's nice that it's located in the middle of the city as well. That's going to be quite an experience.
  9. ReplyEazynazy
    the place looks amazing. PERFECT FOR A DATE NIGHT. <3
  10. ReplyAuthortybr
    Thanks a lot for the comments guys! The rooftop dinner was a great experience. The landscape from there was really breathtaking!