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Ice Hotel – Sweden

We want to share with you one of the coldest experience we have ever tried…our visit at the Ice Hotel in Northern Sweden.

Every year, multiple ice-artists meet up in Jukkasjärvi (see the map below) in order to build the ice hotel.


This famous hotel is made of ice and it is built every year with a new design. Usually it is possible to visit it from November to April, according to the weather and the temperatures. Although the indoor temperature is below zero (about -5°C) people can sleep in there: the reindeers’ covers are considered as the best way to tolerate the cold.

During the day the hotel turns into a museum for the visitors…it is properly a museum! Each room of the hotel is unique, with a completely different style compared to the others. For this reason, it is a “must” to spend some hours inside this spectacular hotel.

Here you can find some information about the ice-hotel in Jukkasjärvi.

Have a look at our gallery!

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