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Exploring Central Park – New York City


Hi everybody, today we will have a walk exploring Central Park in New York City.

As everyone knows, Central Park is a huge park located in the heart of New York City. Central Park is the green space of Manhattan, representing a natural oasis for the citizens of New York. With its 843 acres, it is one of the biggest urban park in the world.

When you are in Central Park you completely forget the chaos of New York. It seems to be completely elsewhere, feeling in harmony with the nature around. You can have a walk along the paths between the tree, ride a horse or a bike, and rowing in the middle of the many lakes.

However, it’s enough to look upwords and you will see all the skyscrapers of New York surrounding Central Park!

In Central Park there are many interesting attractions, in particular:

  • Central Park Zoo
  • Belvedere Castle
  • The vintage carousel
  • Strawbeery fields, dedicated to the memory of John Lennon
  • … and many more!

Here you can download the map of Central Park.

In the gallery you can see some pictures we took in this holiday we had with the whole family!

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Comments ( 19 )

  1. ReplyAndrea Broom
    My fav place in all of NY, has to be Central Park. There is so much to see, so much character.
  2. ReplyAmber Myers
    I've always wanted to explore Central Park. My daughter would love it too. A lot of her favorite movies had scenes shot in the park!
  3. ReplyKrysten
    Central Park is my favorite part of New York City, there is just so much that you can do there. And at any given point you could either forget you were in the city or see the city all around you!
  4. ReplySteven Goodwin
    I've never been, but it is such an iconic place and must be amazing to go through since it is right in the middle of a huge city! Your pictures were interesting, thanks!
  5. ReplyAJ Money Matters
    New York is by far my favourite city! I never got to explore all of central park (it's way too big to fit into one day) but I wish I had. Part of the reason why I would love to move there one day. Amanda
  6. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    What a beautiful place! I've always wanted to see New York City, and Central Park will always be one of the biggest draws for me.
  7. ReplyChloe
    I've always wanted to go to NYC- the city lights, the people, it all looks so inviting. Maybe one day when my little one is a bit older!
  8. ReplyElizabeth O.
    No doubt that Central Park is a must see especially if it's your first time in New York. There are so many things to see and do there and you don't even have to pay.
  9. Replydeb
    Central Park is so iconic to NY. Love visiting this place!
  10. ReplyCourtneyLynne
    I just love Central Park!!! I always try to stay at hotels near the park when I'm in the city!
  11. Replykatrina gehman
    i have never been, but i have always wanted to go there.
  12. ReplyKimberly Hsieh
    Central Park is a must see if you come to New York! There is actually an ice sculpture show tomorrow!
  13. Replystacey
    I have't been to Central Park in years. But the first time I went in on one side and was so naive thinking it was easy to navigate exactly where I wanted to on the other side and guess what I did it. lol I can't tell you how proud I was of myself.
  14. ReplyNicole Aguilar
    Central Park is one of my favorite places in the country. Golden Gate Park might be slightly better.
  15. ReplyJenny
    I would like to visit Central Park one day but I don't see that really ever happening. It looks beautiful though :)
  16. ReplyNadine Cathleen
    Loved Central Park from the first moment I saw it in a movie haha. Great place to have a coffee :)
  17. ReplyKatja
    Central park is part and parcel of NYC and you can't visit there without seeing it. Could loose days there! Katja xxx
  18. ReplyLauren C. Moye
    The sheer size of Central Park overwhelmed me when I visited several years ago. So many cool things to look at there (especially for people watchers like myself!)
  19. ReplyAuthortybr
    Hi guys, thank you for all the comments! We enjoyed very much our trip to New York City. We also agree with you in saying that Central Park is one of the best place in New York and it is full of many cool things to see.