The Carnival of Venice – Italy

The Carnival of Venice

Hi everyone! Today is a special day, it’s Martedì Grasso (literally “fat tuesday”), the last day of the Carnival of Venice!

The Carnival of Venice is one of the most famous Carnival celebrations in the whole world. Its origins are dated back to the XII Century. Since then, the fame of the Carnival of Venice has growth and spread worldwide.

Nowadays, during the Carnival celebrations, you can meet in Venice amazing baroque masks. Many events are organized during the Carnival days, have a look here to see the complete program for this year.

We are totally in love with Venice, and the Carnival atmosphere just make it even more special! Don’t miss the celebrations for the Carnival closure…

Have a look at the gallery to see our pictures of the Carnival of Venice!

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Comments ( 16 )

  1. Replydeb
    Venice is such an enchanting seductive city! I left my heart by the lagoon!
  2. ReplyIgor Mozek
    Ahh Venice. I broke a rib once, 5 minutes after entering a room. Venice is a must and Carnival is a great opportunity to dance and be crazy.
  3. ReplyThecla
    I would love to go to Italy! I've been to Malta, but not Italy yet. We will have to take a trip soon 😊
  4. ReplyAmber Myers
    This would be fun to see. I've never been to Venice before--one day, I hope.
  5. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    Your photos are beautiful. Someday I'd love to see Venice - maybe I'll get to go during the Carnival!
  6. ReplyStephenie - Blended Life Happy Wife
    Someday I'm going to visit Venice. Maybe i'll be lucky enough to get there during the festival
  7. ReplyGracie
    It's in my bucket list! I will definitely experience that festival.
  8. ReplyEmily
    I've always wanted to go to Venice! This looks like a fun time to visit
  9. ReplyDavid Elliott
    Going to Venice would be absolutely incredible on it's own. My friends son went there and brought back a bunch of video of the experience. It was amazing. But then to do Carnivale on top of that?!?!? I can only imagine.
  10. ReplyThe Travel Ninjas
    We love Venice, but have been there during Carnival. We have to go. This looks amazing.
  11. ReplyIza Abao, Two Monkeys Travel Group Writer
    This is one of the festivals that I would love to join. I have seen a lot of pictures online. The cities look magical. The costumes are amazing. I wonder how do the locals prepare for this festival.
  12. ReplyLadies Pass It On
    Ha I love the name Fat Tuesday! That's what we call pancake day! Looks like a great event, Venice is still on my wish list!
  13. ReplyNay
    Such stunning pictures. Venice is one of the places on my wish list. This carnival looks like such an interesting thing to see and be part of too.
  14. ReplyHeidi
    I'd love to visit Venice some day. How cool that you got to be there for the carnival! I must admit that the masks look a little creepy, but the costumes are amazing!
  15. ReplyAnna nuttall
    I would love to visit Venice one day. Beautiful photos and the costumes look amazing. xx
  16. ReplyAuthortybr
    Yes guys, we agree with you. Venice is really amazing, everyone should visit it at least once in his life! We are happy you liked the post :) Soon we will post more pictures about Italy and Venice!