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Best Places to See Aurora Borealis

What’s one of the most amazing experience that anyone should do in his life? Seeing  the Aurora Borealis of course!

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is a phenomenon that only the lucky ones can experience. Not so often the Aurora shows us its beauty… usually when you do not expect it, the green lights decides to appear dancing in the dark night. Yes, we said dancing! The light is continuosly moving in the sky, creating spectacular and coloured waves in the sky.

Our suggestions to catch the amazing show:

  • The more you go to the north the more you will have the possibility to see it. Hammerfest, Tromsø, Alta, Kiruna are for sure the best places in Europe where you can have high chance to catch the green light.
  • The darker the sky the more you can see the green light. So, go up to a mountain or go far from the city.
  • Winter is the right season to see the Aurora Borealis, from October to April.

We saw the Northern Light multiple times in our life, but only one time we saw it in all its magic. The sky was completely coloured of green, purple and red lights.

Our next wish? See the Aurora in Northern America. Stay tuned we have planned a trip there.

Have a look at gallery!


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