Best Brunches in Milan

Sunday means not waking up with the alarm set at 7.30…and what does waking up late mean? Brunch, of course! We love to brunch during weekends. This is the reason why we have decided to show you our ranking for the “Best Brunches in Milan”.

We have tried so many brunches in Milan…here our top-three places:

  • First place – Pavé: here you can have the classical brunch, where you can choose between a fixed menu or a-la-carte one. We suggest you to have the croissant (both salty and sweet), made by excellent ingredients, and usually served right after they are taken out of the oven. Saturday and Sunday are the days dedicated to the brunch. It costs 15€.
  • Second place – God save the Food: this place is the perfect combination between American and European brunches. You can try hamburgers, salads, eggs, and sandwiches. We mostly liked the great variety of beverages, in particular the home-made juices, the teas, and the infusions. You can have a brunch during the weekends for a price of 25€.
  • Third place – California Bakery: in Milan, around the city center, you can find a bunch of places of this American-food chain. The place is famous for its cakes as well as for its brunch. Here you can taste the specialties of the American kitchen, such as the pancakes with maple syrup, eggs&bacon, smashed potatoes, and bagels. Everything is really good, and it made us remember our loved NYC. At California Bakery you can brunch during weekends and during holidays. The cost is about 20€.

Sometimes, we also make our own brunch at our place. This picture just represents one of our typical home-made weekend brunch!

What about you guys? Can you suggest us a place where to have a special brunch?

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