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Lost in the Artic – Finnmark Adventure

Lost in the Artic Finnmark Adventure

Hi everyone! We have some news to tell you about, Sara has moved to… Guess where!

Last week I moved to Finnmark, the northern region of Norway above the Artic Circle.

The first experience was quite eventful! I left last week from Milan. With “only” four flights, the last one with a small propeller plane, I had to be able to reach Hammerfest, the northernmost city in the world.

However, there was a snow storm in Hammerfest! When we were approaching the landing strip, the plane was shaked from one side to the other by the strong winds. The pilot tried to land but it was just impossible! He decided to gain altitude again, I was just hoping that we had enough fuel in the plane tank!

He explained us, in Norwegian, which was the plan. I couldn’t understand nothing at all, of course. Then the hostess explained to me that we were going to land in Honningsvåg. The lady sitted next to me showed me in the map where Honninsvag was located… well, I was directed further north, in North Cape municipality!!

At least we were able to land and stay there overnight.

The next morning we took a bus to go back to our original destination… but this is another adventure.

Have a look at the gallery to see some pictures I took during my Finnmark adventure!


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Comments ( 22 )

  1. ReplyRobin rue
    Sounds like quite the adventure!! I loved looking at your photos!
  2. ReplyGiGi Eats
    OH WOW!! This place looks surreal and um, freezing - LOL! But seriously, you're making the travel bug take a big bite out of me, LOL! I cannot wait to get out of the US again and experience a whole new world, like FINNMARK!
  3. ReplyAshvin Nankoo
    Sounds very scary on the plane. I would have jumped with a parachute. Love the pictures but I'm pretty sure having a swim at the beach was a no go! Great post!
  4. ReplyAlexandra Moresco
    Wow that looks gorgeous, but cold! haha! Al + Lex
  5. ReplyIgor Mozek
    Wow...I've been to Arctic circle myself. Little bit souther then you :) Awesome photos. Can't wait to go there again.
  6. ReplyAish Das-Padihari
    What a great adventure. I have not seen this place, but the ideas sound pretty inviting. Great post. Thanks for sharing.
  7. ReplyAmber Myers
    How fun, what a great adventure. The plane ride would have freaked me out. I HATE to fly and if it jolts, I panic.
  8. ReplyMiranda
    Congrats on the move! Looks like a great place to live based off the pics. Thanks for sharing your adventure, BTW we enjoy adventures greatly!
  9. ReplyBennymakachi
    That must have been scary. Congratulations on your move. I hope you enjoy your new place. Lovely pictures...can tell it's very cold.
  10. ReplySondra Barker
    Congratulations on the move, how exciting is that! It looks beautiful in Finnmark, cold but nonetheless beautiful.
  11. ReplyElizabeth O.
    It looks really cold out there! It's definitely quite an adventure going there. I think it's nice though, it looks peaceful and really lovely.
  12. ReplyCarol Cassara
    I am not a huge fan of the cold but it's nice to go to places like this sometimes. I can't imagine living there for a long time though.
  13. ReplySarah-Louise Bailey
    Congrats on finding yours, your new place, new environment and new people around. Hope you can easily cope with everything.
  14. ReplyRaNesha
    Yay sounds like fun it's always good to find a place you can enjoy.
  15. ReplyCameron
    Glad you ended up back on track, and now you have a story to tell! |
  16. ReplyRichard Bivins
    Looks amazing and cold. Thank goodness for that sauna. Even though I was raised in Chicago and very accustomed to cold weather, I don't think I could handle this kind of adventure.
  17. Replyblair villanueva
    I was staring at the map and thinking "thats too far and well adventurous!" Hope you'll have a wonderful time and update us with your adventures there!
  18. ReplySauumye
    Sounds lika an adventure but a really scary one. And it looks so cold.
  19. Replystacey
    I am cold just looking at your pictures and to think it only took four flights and bus to get there. You are really at the top of the world almost, lol. I expect we'll hear tons of fantastic arctic stories.
  20. ReplyCourtneyLynne
    Oooo sounds like you were on an awesome adventure!!!! Nothing more fun than exploring a new place
  21. ReplyAuthortybr
    The experience was actually kind of scary! But the important thing is that we could find the way home and we discovered a new place. We are very happy you are liking our adventures!
  22. ReplyChristine
    What an adventure! I'm cold just looking at the pictures though...:-)