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A Visit to Sant’Orso Fair

Every year in the city center of Aosta, the 30th and 31st January the Sant’Orso fair is organized. We have decided to visit it this year!

The name of the fair comes from the Sant’Orso Church located in the center of Aosta. According to the tradition, the Saint (who lived in the IX century) loved to provide wooden shoes to the coty’s people in front of the Church.

It is an exhibition of more than one thousand artisans, who show the visitors their handcrafted masterpieces. You will see thousands of objects, such as for the kitchen’s utensils and decorations for outdoor. Each stand is different compared to the others, so the visit to the entire fair is a duty! You will also find many cockerels all around, since they represent the symbol of the fair itself.

Quick guide of Aosta:

How to reach Aosta: we reached the city by bus, leaving from Milan. It takes about 2 hours

Food: we had lunch at Ristorante-Osteria dell’Oca. You will find a typical menu of Valle d’Aosta: try the “fonduta”, the specialty of the city

Not to miss: have a visit at Sant’Orso Church and underpass the tunnel under the statue…you will get better from backache from now on!

Browse the gallery below!

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Comments ( 10 )

  1. Replyrobin Rue
    What a fun fair! I enjoy going to things like this, too, and would have loved this.
  2. ReplyAuthor Brandi Kennedy
    What a fun way to spend an afternoon exploring! I find that fairs are such a casual way to enjoy other towns and cultures without being so "touristy."
  3. ReplyAmber Myers
    Oo I'd love to check this place out. I always enjoy seeing what other people create. Those wooden flowers are gorgeous!
  4. ReplyAna De- Jesus
    This reminds me of the type of fairs and festivals they have in Madeira! I am especially loving those wooden flowers too!
  5. ReplyThe Travel Ninjas
    The fair sounds fantastic. And this city is so lovely. We'll definitely check it out next time were in Italy.
  6. ReplyGemma
    Interesting place! I'd love to take one of those wooden masterpieces as souvenir! I hope I can visit that place someday!
  7. ReplyGlenda
    Wow, this looks so creative and unique! I love visiting fairs because there are some many artistic vendors to buy awesome products from.
  8. Replyrachel
    I love the chickens! Very neat, thanks for the glimpse into the experience. :)
  9. ReplyLisa Rios
    The Sant’Orso fair sounds like an wonderful event and I am sure you must have had a wonderful experience in witnessing those handcrafted masterpieces from different people. The wooden flower are amazing and am in love with those Cockerels as well.
  10. ReplyAuthortybr
    Yes guys! It was really fun! The fair occurs once a year, so book your trip to Italy for next year. A visit to Aosta is a must!