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The Carnival of Venice – Italy

The Carnival of Venice

Hi everyone! Today is a special day, it’s Martedì Grasso (literally “fat tuesday”), the last day of the Carnival of Venice!

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Best Brunches in Milan

Sunday means not waking up with the alarm set at 7.30…and what does waking up late mean? Brunch, of course! We love to brunch during weekends. This is the reason why we have decided to show you our ranking for the “Best Brunches in Milan”.

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A Taste of Belgian Chocolate – Bruxelles

Bruxelles is mostly famous for being the capital city of the European Union and for its important monuments and museums. But, the thing we mostly like about Bruxelles is that it is the city of chocolate. Visiting Bruxelles means visiting the “heaven” for the chocolate-lovers!

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